The founding charism of the Institute was given to Mary Ward with clarity of vision and firmness of purpose through the mystical graces of The Glory Vision, the call to Take the same of the Society, and the experience of The Just Soul (IBVM Constitution Vol II: Chapter 1, 1.10). 


The Glory Vision (1609)

This is the first among the three charisms –  a sacred experience that Mary Ward could not explain clearly. However, she knew it was very special and it would open a new way of living for the greater glory of God.



“Take the same as the Society” (1611)

The second of the three big graces that Mary Ward received was to understand that God wanted her sisters to be like the Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius Loyola.



The Just Soul (1615)

The third important grace Mary Ward was given was to understand the kind of goodness or holiness God wanted in her sisters. It is expressed through right relationship with God and right relationship with all creation.