Congratulation To St. Mary’s New Graduates

Congratulation To St. Mary’s New Graduates

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On July 5, in a spirit of joy and gratitude, Saint Mary’s students gathered and celebrated a thanksgiving mass, congratulating the new graduate students on completing their college program.

During the mass, Fr. Tuan, the celebrant, invited the students to remember their experiences of living together, embracing both the joys of sharing and the challenges of differences. Thanks to these experiences, the students learnt how to listen for better understanding and support. Learning to know oneself and others, they gradually grow in thinking and daily manners.

As they farewell their time of cultivating knowledge at college, in front of their eyes is a future to build, a dream to fulfill and a goal to reach. To be faced with challenges and trials in the upcoming journey, the students were reminded of a caring God who always loves and watches over each step they make, especially in difficult and challenging moments. It is during these times that they will learn to rely on God and experience a God as their father.

May God continue to bless these students and their families. May the light of the Spirit be the lamp to keep their mind unclouded and His fire to burn in their hearts, so that they can serve wholeheartedly and bear fruit abundantly.